The company has 2 clay sand wet automatic moulding production lines and 3 resin sand moulding production lines. The smelting equipment has 5T/h, 2 T/h and 0.75 T/h electric furnaces; the annual design production capacity of castings can reach 40,000 tons. .


Production equipment

Production equipment

Intermediate frequency induction furnace 5T (one for two)

Intermediate frequency induction furnace 2T (one for two)

Intermediate frequency induction electric furnace 0.75T (one for two)

Static pressure automatic molding line

Resin sand molding line

Resin sand mixer

Resin sand processing equipment

Hot Box Core Making Machine

Cold Box Core Making Machine

Resin sand molding line

Hanging shot blasting machine

Crawler throwing (shot) blasting machine

Clay sand processing equipment

Magnesium rod extruder

Gas-fired central melting furnace

Gas-fired tilting crucible melting furnace

Frequency conversion electromagnetic melting furnace

Low pressure forming machine

Vertical parting core shooting machine

Inclined gravity pouring molding machine

Electric box drying furnace

Trolley type gas mold heating furnace

Vertical heat treatment furnace

Hook shot blasting machine